Philip --
If you just want to install one: "Browse" down to PHP project, there 4-6 are ready out

If you want to "roll your own" check out the tutorials at:

Note: The mail client I send this mail from appears to be a 
PHP front to "mailx", the saved mail is store in "Unix" type mail
folders in my home directory. i.e. it appends messages to the
end of a text file. 

Hope this helps.

> Hi,
> I'm looking into setting up a web based mail client for personal use.
> I've got most of it figured out (sending, recieving, forwarding etc..).
> I need to be able to use folders in the mail client to organise the
> messages. Whats the best way of moving messages around?
> Do i need to store them as files / in a database or is there an easier
> way to do it?
> Thanks.
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