At 11:45 PM 12/31/2001 +0100, B. van Ouwerkerk wrote:
>uhhhhmmmm.. I can give you one good reason.. Out Of the Office replies 
>don't get to the list.. M$ Lookout is specilized in bombing lists with 
>those stupid messages. Seems a complete list with reasons why you 
>shouldn't set reply to to the list.. can be found on the web..

Ahhh, good point.  But I believe that most mail programs (including 
Lookout) will only auto-respond to messages where the owners address is the 
only one in the "TO:" field.  (Someone correct me if they know better...I'm 
on Eudora here...)  Since messages from the mailing list are send TO: 
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" then the autoresponders should ignore 
them.  This would be consistent with the fact that I've posted a few 
messages to this list over the past few weeks, messages that must have been 
delivered to at least hundreds of mailboxes with my address as the 
reply-to, yet I haven't received a single automatic out-of-office or 
vacation response to any of them...

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