Brian et al -

What a way to start the new year!!  I now have PHP 4.1.1 *with*
Interbase running on Linux 7.2 *with* Samba.  And I am greatly indebted
to the generous help of many people on this List.  This means I can move
my family picture album (uses Interbase) off of the IIS system and onto

Before I do that, I have some questions about directory use in
Unix/Linux which really do not belong on this list.  So, maybe my basic
questions can be answered by direct email - whatever is best for the

My question is about where I should put my databases?  I notice that the
"/var" is often used, but is "/usr".  So, for a guy coming from the NT
world, what would you suggest?

1) /var/databases/app1; /var/databases/app2  - or -

2) The same as above, but with "/usr"

Also, Brian, I have several questions about "compiling" in the "C" world
which, if you do not mind, I'll send directly.  Probably not that much
different from Object Pascal (Delphi 5/6).

Again, Happy New Year to you all, *and* many thanks for the


Todd Cary
Ariste Software

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