* Todd Cary ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Jan 01. 2002 15:04]:


> My question is about where I should put my databases?  I notice that the
> "/var" is often used, but is "/usr".  So, for a guy coming from the NT
> world, what would you suggest?

> 1) /var/databases/app1; /var/databases/app2  - or -
> /var/databases/interbases/app1

> 2) The same as above, but with "/usr"

I would go with /var because that's usually where you want to put stuff
that changes often. There are all kinds of arguments for different
locations, however. You may want to google for "linux directory
structure" or something similar.

FYI, I keep my databases in /var/{type} where "{type}" is the type of
database server. For example, postgres in /var/pgsql; mysql in
/var/mysql; etc..

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