To connect to Microsoft SQL 7 I'm using the following script which works

$query="SELECT * FROM DB1";
$queryupd="UPDATE DB1 SET dateval='20010101' where dateval='20000101'";
$hostname = "dbserver";
$username = "username";
$password = "pwd";
$dbName = "DB";
mssql_connect($hostname,$username,$password) or die("DATABASE FAILED TO
mssql_select_db($dbName) or DIE("Table unavailable");
$result2 = MSSQL_QUERY($queryupd); // Execute Update Statment
$result = MSSQL_QUERY($query);  // Execute Select Statment
$number = MSSQL_NUM_ROWS($result);
 if($number == 0) print "No data?";
 elseif($number > 0){
 print "Number of rows: $number<BR>";
while($i < $number){
 $dateval = mssql_result($result,$i,"dateval");
echo "<TR><TD><FONT color=#112266>$dateval</FONT></TD>";

Now, how to connect to a DB2 database server without ODBC ?

My config is:
Web Server: IIS on windows 2000 Server
Database Server: IBM DB2 V7.1 on windows 2000 Server
PHP4 for windows



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