register_shutdown_function() doesnt work either.  Seems to be IIS caching the output 
until the script finishes.  Anyone else have an idea?

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You could use register_shutdown_function() which should be called before the script 
ends (duh!).

Define a function for your process and pass it's name to register_shutdown_function() .


On Wed,  2 Jan 2002 15:14:59 -0600, charlesk  wrote:

>This works almost.  Instead of having echo "hello"; you have a huge process that 
>takes a while, the browser wont redirect until the script is finished.  This seems to 
>be a "feature" of IIS.  Has anyone found a way to do something similar in PHP 4.1.0, 
IIS 5.0, Windows 2000 Server?
>I basically want a way for the user to see a different page than have them waiting 
>for the script to finish.
>if ($process)
>   echo "cool";
>} else
>   header("Location: test2.php4?process=true");
>   error_log("this means it works\r\n",3,"c:\errors\errors.txt");
>   echo "hello";
>Charles Killmer
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