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It is important to note that this function acts more as a counter of the
number of rows fetched from the cursor.  If you execute this prior to
processing the cursor you will always get a 0 for an answer.

The online manual and one of my PHP reference books does not make that
distinction.  Some may expect this to count the number of rows in the
cursor prior to processing.  This function does not do that.
hope that helps - from this, it sounds like it effectively returns the
current row

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I just wanted to verify the functionality of the ora_numrows() function.  On
the ora_numrows() manual page it reads that the function returns the number
of rows in a result set, but in the ora_getcolumn() documentation it reads
that the ora_numrows() function returns the current row number.

Could someone please give me a quick clarification?

Thanks :)


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