A 404 ErrorDoc would still reply with a 404 code, which could mess up 
some search engines.

I was thinking of the .htaccess solution, but I'm not sure if that's 
possible to force only certain files or perhaps all files in just a 
certain directory to all be application/x-httpd-php?

I guess that would be the best solution. :)

Or would it? What if I have an images/ subfolder.. I certainly wouldn't 
want all my images being thrown through PHP. That could cause some 
ugliness. So I guess it would have to be un-doable. Is it?


Jason Murray wrote:

>>"news" would actually be a PHP script, of course. I know how 
>>to handle /2002/01/02/keyword as parameters, my question is on 
>>making "news" be interpreted through PHP.
> Off the top of my head...
> You could either use a .htaccess to force Apache to recognise
> "news" as a PHP script, or you could use a Custom 404 page to
> figure out what the heck the original URL was trying to get at
> and silently substitute in the resulting page.
> A Custom 404 might be easier, but would have a bit more supporting
> infrastructure at the code end for a big site.
> Apologies if this is incorrect, I just may not be thinking
> too clearly today :)
> Jason

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