> A 404 ErrorDoc would still reply with a 404 code, which could mess up 
> some search engines.

Not true, try this: www.inww.com/ifdbnifoudbvfd

This is actually produced by "ErrorDocument 404 /404.php3" in our Apache
configuration, and 404.php3 is a PHP script that sends the neccessary stuff
to be seen as a 404 to a web browser (thats basically a <TITLE> tag of "404 
Not Found").

You could just as easily subvert 404.php3 to do redirects or include
other stuff to produce the neccessary pages without sending the 404 bits
(and we do, we recently moved all our PDF files into a database and use
404.php3 to silently redirect to the database-drawn version of the file).

> I was thinking of the .htaccess solution, but I'm not sure if that's 
> possible to force only certain files or perhaps all files in just a 
> certain directory to all be application/x-httpd-php?

I believe you can force a single file. I haven't done it, I'm sure
someone else around here can. :)


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