I think what you mean is sessions, but that can't really do what you want.
The best you can do is record on the database when the user last accessed a
page of the site and infer if they are currently logged in or not.

I would be interested to know how ASP does better than this in a response
driven environment. You could force a user to formally log off, but what if
they just close their browser, or their internet connection, or IE just
stops working on their PC (the most likely). This is also a problem with
inferring a current log in from the last hit by that user name.

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        From:  Ye Tun [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
        Sent:  04 January 2002 02:21
        To:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
        Subject:  application variable

        Do we have application variable in PHP as in ASP?

        I have a small database running with user name and password kept in
        database.  Once user is login, how can I prevent the same user from
        logging in again?



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