I apologize if the title of this post sounds overly aggresive, but I have
followed the instructions to a 'T' and got nowhere!!  I have tried the
"auto" install version of PHP and manual instructions for installing PHP
4.1.1.  Neither of them work.  I added the lines to my httpd.conf file for
both types of installs (not at the same time) as discribed in the
Install.txt file, along with the instructions on the website, and can get no
"test" scripts to run or PHP for that matter.  All I get is a blank screen
when running the CGI version or can not even get apache to load when I try
the Module version (Get a "Requested Operation Failed" message).  can
someone please help?????  My system is as follows:

Windows 2000 SP2
Apache 2.0.28 (I have also tried version 1.3.22 with same results as
mentioned above)
PHP 4.1.1
MDAC 2.7
MySQL 3.23.46a

Thanks in advance!!


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