I'm stuck here too.  Don't know that much in the first place except
that I did get it together once.  Apache/php4/mysql on win32...  Now
to upgrade it's all new again.  

I'm sure php config files are ok to the point where apache picks it
up.  There is no 4.1.1 file as called for in the apache loadmodule
line.  Instead of /sapi/php4dll, the closest I find is
/sapi/apache/php4dsp.  I can also remember some file extensions being
renamed but can't find anything on that now..  Any clue where I'm
losing it will be very helpful I'm sure.  



On Sun, 6 Jan 2002 00:35:39 -0600, you wrote:

>Nothing noted in the error log.  The lines I have tried using are the EXACT
>ones stated in the install.txt file.  I basically copied them from the
>install doc and pasted it into the httpd.conf file.
>"Brian Clark" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>> * Mark ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Jan 04. 2002 12:14]:
>> [...]
>> > the Module version (Get a "Requested Operation Failed" message).  can
>> > someone please help?????  My system is as follows:
>> > Windows 2000 SP2
>> > Apache 2.0.28 (I have also tried version 1.3.22 with same results as
>> People had problems in that past with 2.x; I don't know if the php-dev's
>> have worked that out yet.
>> > mentioned above)
>> > PHP 4.1.1
>> > MDAC 2.7
>> > MySQL 3.23.46a
>> Are there any hints in Apache's error_log? What is your exact LoadModule
>> line you're using in httpd.conf?
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