Gee, Sandeep, what a great reply! I wish I got this kind of support when I
asked a question on this list too!

Balaji, sorry, man, I don't know how to help you - I was just touched by
Sandeep's reply and wanted to point it out for everybody to see just how
helpful we are in these parts. Tettttt be thy name!


Sandeep Murphy wrote:

> tettttt
> -----Original Messa[Sandeep Murphy] ter ge-----
> From: Balaji Ankem [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: segunda-feira, 7 de Janeiro de 2002 10:55
> Subject: [PHP] Regarding mail function
> Hi ,
> My file name: bala.php
> -------------------------------------------------------
> <?php
>  mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "hi friend", "Hi, how are you? Expecting
> reply from you. -Bala");
> ?>
> ----------------------------------------------------
> for the above program I am getting the following warning..

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