On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Mike Eheler wrote:

> It's too late for that. And I don't believe that the system's crypt()
> function just magically changed at exactly the same time we upgraded to
> PHP 4.1

According to the crypt() man page, crypt() can use four methods of

  CRYPT_STD_DES - Standard DES-based encryption with a two character salt
  CRYPT_EXT_DES - Extended DES-based encryption with a nine character salt
  CRYPT_MD5 - MD5 encryption with a twelve character salt starting with $1$
  CRYPT_BLOWFISH - Blowfish encryption with a sixteen character salt starting with $2$

You should check which method your crypt() method used before changing
PHP version, and use the mcrypt specific method. You did backup the old
php installation, right?

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