Hy Peter,

Peter Lavender wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I did ask this earlier, but I have made some head way since, but I'm still
> not sure that I have things right.
> What datatype should I use for zip files?

You should use the blob type therefore

> How do I create a link to a file to be downloaded from the database?

first you need a php script that pulls the data out of the database and 
echoes an appropriate header, and after this all the binary data of your 
file, you would then link it and give the id or whatever you use to 
identify it in the database as parameter to this script.

> All the examples I have read all relate to images, which hasn't really
> helped.

it's exactly the same with zips as with images, the only difference is 
the header for the mime type which is "image/gif" for gif's and
"application/zip" for zips
If you already know everything for images out oif a Mysql, then i don't 
tell it again here - ask if you still have problems!


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