Hi there,

I'm really really new to both PHP and MySQL, so this is probably going to
turn out to be an easy fix.

The basis is this:  I have a MySQL database with two tables in it.  I'm
trying to update 1 of the fields (aqfl_team) in the first table
(nfl_players) with a value from a field (aqfl_team) from the second table

The PHP document looks like this:


$db = mysql_connect("localhost","root","password");


$aqfl_result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM temp_aqfl_rosters");

echo "Updating rosters.....";

$myrow = mysql_fetch_array($aqfl_result);

do {

$aqfl_player_first = $myrow["first_name"];
$aqfl_player_last = $myrow["last_name"];
$aqfl_player_position = $myrow["position"];
$aqfl_player_nfl_team = $myrow["nfl_team"];
$aqfl_player_aqfl_team = $myrow["aqfl_team"];

$nfl_player_id = mysql_query("SELECT player_id FROM nfl_players WHERE
first_name='$aqfl_player_first' AND last_name='$aqfl_player_last' AND
position='$aqfl_player_position' AND nfl_team='$aqfl_player_nfl_team'");

$result = mysql_query("UPDATE nfl_players SET
aqfl_team='$aqfl_player_aqfl_team' WHERE player_id='$nfl_player_id'");

echo "$aqfl_player_first $aqfl_player_last updated ($aqfl_player_position,
$aqfl_player_nfl_team, $aqfl_player_aqfl_team)";

} while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($aqfl_result));



The end result is that I get a screenful of data (every player, NFL team,
and AQFL team is correct) stating that the various players are updated, but
but the field update in nfl_players is not actually done.

I'm sure it's a syntax issue, but I don't know what's the actual problem.

Any help?



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