On 7 Feb 2002, at 23:21, Sander Peters wrote:

> Hello,
> This is my problem:
> $today = date("Ymd", mktime(0,0,0, date(m),date(d),date(Y)));
> $last_week = date("Ymd", mktime(0,0,0, date(m),date(d)-7,date(Y)));
> echo ($today - $last_week); The result is a number like 8876
> (20020107-20011231 = 8876) But in date thinking it should be 7!
> How can I let php count in real days/month/years in stead of numbers?


I've not prorammed PHP much (Perl), but I looked in the docs and 
could not find anything. I tested your above code and on my 
FreeBSD box with PHP Version 4.0.6 it returned 7.


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