It seems that I have a "parse error" somewhere in the following code 
(since that's the only code in my script, it's a test script):

// arraytest.php
$tempsql = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS count
                        FROM divisions";
$tempresult = mysql_query($tempsql, $db);
$temprow = mysql_fetch_array($tempresult);

echo $temprow["count"];

Yet, it works fine in the mysql client.  Thus, I am led to believe that 
PHP is not capable of constructing the same kinds of SQL statements that 
can be constructed in the mysql client.  Is this the case?


PS: what I am -really- trying to do is dynamically fill in a <select> 
listbox with <options> that correspond to all of the records in a given 
table.  Like so:

($record_id_and_record_name_pair_pulled_from_mysql_query) {

but I am unsure of how to grab multiple values from the mysql_query() 
and load them into an array.  Has anyone done this before?

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