But as I was writing before, what I'm really trying to do with this 
isn't just echo the COUNT of records in a table.

What do I need to separate the array "$temprow" into pieces so that I 
can get at the data:

$tempsql = "SELECT divisions.div_name, divisions.div_id
             FROM divisions";
$tempresult = mysql_query($tempsql, $db);
$temprow = mysql_fetch_array($tempresult);

I wonder if I'm being too ambiguous in describing this.

$temprow now contains the information extracted from $tempresult by 
mysql_fetch_array(), right?
And $tempresult was the result of the SELECT query I posted above.

So, how can I separate the information in $temprow into useable chunks 
or variables.  I'm reading about explode(), but it isn't clear to me how 
I can use this in this instance.
I would like to loop through the array "$temprow" and echo each record's 
contents (divisions.div_name and divisions.div_id) on each step.  This 
is to populate a <select> box (listbox).

Any advice, anybody?

Thank you,

On Thursday, January 10, 2002, at 05:00  PM, Erik Price wrote:

> Wait, my bad.  Typo... all my fault.
> I feel like an ass.
> Erik

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