Whoops, forgot to change the first number in every one of those. The first numbers in 
the brackets should increase after every two lines... 

The correct one: 
        $replace[1][1] = "!one!";       //marker
        $replace[1][2] = "hehee";       //replace with
        $replace[2][1] = "test";        //marker
        $replace[2][2] = "foobar";      //replace with
        $replace[3][1] = "repl";        //marker
        $replace[3][2] = "humpty-dumpty";       //replace with
        $replace[4][1] = "blah";        //marker
        $replace[4][2] = "boo";         //replace with

Now, when I would do a loop thingie that goes through all those, then it would be a 
pretty nice and compact solution... 

What about speed issues regarding this solution? 

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