On Wednesday 09 January 2002 11:55, Alawi wrote:
> How can I output before send header
> I see some site some output and after that it Jump to other site !!
> Is that maked by header localtion ??

No, they're using a meta tag in the head section. Quoted from 


tells the browser to load ../ 10 seconds after the current document has 
finished loading. Not all browsers support this, so authors should provide an 
alternate means of moving to the new page where necessary. The Refresh header 
is sometimes used for "splash screens" or when a page has moved, but the 
technique is not very effective since users may not even be looking at the 
window that is to be refreshed and since it messes up the user's history on 
many browsers. Some search engines penalize pages that use a Refresh of a few 
seconds or less.
Meir Kriheli

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