> I'm using the PHP date() function on my site, but since my hosting company
> (Pair Networks) is on the East Coast and I'm on the West Coast, everything
> shows as three hours later (for most of my visitors, anyway). Pair tells me
> there's no setting I can make on my account to change the server time zone.

=not competent to comment. Recommend a review of the php.ini file commands and even if 
you can't gain access to
that file on the server, the function which allows you to make a change to the PHP 
environment for the life of
the current script.

> Can anyone recommend a way to set an offset for the date() function in PHP?
> (I searched on and couldn't find anything.)

=I run an international service, and would have had a massive headache if each client 
was to see things stated
in their own timezone. We agreed that each would make specifications in their own 
timezone (and language...) but
that all system output would be in GMT.

=To your question: read up on the time/date functions for GMT, convert all input and 
store all date/times as
GMT; and at retrieval time convert time/dates from GMT to whichever time zone you want 
to use. PS also takes
care of bi-annual summer time discontinuities too (should they apply to you).


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