On 13 Jan 2002, at 12:51, Dean Ouellette wrote:

> I am entering info from form into database, is there a way to check
> say firstname, lastname and address to see if it is a duplicate to
> what is already in database and if it is then just enter any new
> information they may enter and not create a new entry 

If using mysql you can use REPLACE rather than insert (if you 
also pass a unique key/value with your statement).

Of course you have some means of identifying a record. Perhaps it 
is a combo of firstname, lastname and address but that's not very 

I recall having this situation appear for me in the past ... I think it 
may be an error in design when one cannot be sure if it's an 
INSERT for a new record or an UPDATE to an existing record. 
Perhaps you could dissuage me otherwise with your example.


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