Here is my situation: 
1. Two hosts: HA and HB, both connected with each other via Internet.
2. On HA there is a MySQL server SA and a Web server WA, while on
HB there is a SB and a WB.
3. On WA there is a page, on which there are two buttons: ba and bb.
The ba is linked to a script sa.php while bb linked to sb.php. Both the 
scripts are lcated on HA. The sa.php only talks with SA while sb.php 
talks with both SA and SB. So connection between sb.php and SB 
will have to go via Internet.
4. Sometimes both the scripts works well, when click on either ba or 
bb the scritps responce very quickly. But sometimes there may be
problem with sb.php: when click on bb the WEB just stuck there and 
the small earth keep on rotating but nothing return. The most strange
thing is that, if something wrong with sb.php, you cannot stop it. You 
click browser's stop button (it do looks stopped because the earth 
stopped) and then click ba (will call sa.php), still got nothing return, 
the browser seems not wake from sb.php's problem.

I guess it might be something to do with MySQL connection via internet.
But have no clue how to look into the problem.

Could any one here can point me the right direction to get it fixed?

Thanks in advance!


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