People, hope you can help. The below IF statement is getting a PARSE error.
Can anyone spot why?

  if (($this->checkReferralCB($this->benefitRef, $this->benefitNo,
  && (!$this->checkLocation($this->post, "W")) && (!empty($this->childDOB)))
  || ($this->checkPregnancy($this->benefitRef, $this->benefitNo))

It's not complete, where is the {} curly braces? And you're parentheses are
out of order by one...

  if (($this->checkReferralCB($this->benefitRef, $this->benefitNo,
  && (!$this->checkLocation($this->post, "W")) && (!empty($this->childDOB))
  || ($this->checkPregnancy($this->benefitRef, $this->benefitNo)))


If((this) && (that) && (theother) || (something else)){
        do this


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