Imar De Vries wrote:

> Imar De Vries wrote:
>>- Including remote files *is* possible. The php manual does not mention this
>>does not work, and when I add the variable to the call (include
>>..../calculate_drivers?serie_id=3.php) the code is processed perfectly. The
>>thing is, I can not pass the variable with the call, because it's value is
>>determined by the form field. I could use a switch statement of course, but
>>that adds a lot more text to the code.
> I just changed the code to (include
> .../calculate_drivers?serie_id=$serie_id.php)
> ... and this worked! Weird solution...

Not really. The http://.../foo.php request returns html and not php. 
The foo.php file is parsed and executed by the remote server and 
returned to you as html. By adding serie_id=xxx you actually give the 
remote php-script the name and value of the variable.

You should think of include/require as a way to *include* any file 
into your script. Instead of cutting and pasting code into your file, 
you use include. Thats the way it works in practice. No magic is going 
on here :-)

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