Hi Manuel and all developers.

I understand that the implementation of strtok was
"broken" (non POSIX compliant) but since it has been
like this for ages would be better to give a chance to
developers worldwide (that has been using and relied
on this broken implementation) to control the
behaviour of such feature much the same way
REGISTER_GLOBALS (or something) in recently 4.1.0.

Imagine recoding 100+ distributed scripts to change

The decision of having this "fixed" is great but not
paying attention (like you always did in the past)
with backwards compatibility is (IMHO) a mistake.

Best regards,

--- Manuel Lemos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> Robert Mena wrote:
> > 
> > Hi, does anybody know when the strtok bug
> introduced
> After 4.0.6 .
> > in 4.1.1 will be fixed ?
> > Will we have a 4.1.2 or should I try to grab a cvs
> > tree (assuming that it is already solved) ?
> You may want to ask that in php-dev mailing list
> because last time that
> I reported it I was told that it would not be fixed
> because it was just
> me complaining.

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