Robert Mena wrote:
> Hi Manuel and all developers.
> I understand that the implementation of strtok was
> "broken" (non POSIX compliant) but since it has been
> like this for ages would be better to give a chance to
> developers worldwide (that has been using and relied
> on this broken implementation) to control the
> behaviour of such feature much the same way
> REGISTER_GLOBALS (or something) in recently 4.1.0.
> Imagine recoding 100+ distributed scripts to change
> this!
> The decision of having this "fixed" is great but not
> paying attention (like you always did in the past)
> with backwards compatibility is (IMHO) a mistake.

My opinion precisely.

The problem is that PHP developers that decided to break strtok did not
seem to have thought of that so they did not ask any users if they were
relying on the original behaviour. They would not need to poll anybody.
Common sense can lead to the conclusion that if a function has a certain
behaviour for 4 years, chances are that there must be enough people
relying on it that changing the behaviour would break their code. It
seems that the person that broke strtok came to PHP much earlier than
that and did not cross his mind about existing users relying on the
original behaviour.

If making it POSIX compliance was a good idea, it would have been better
to add a function to the POSIX extension named posix_strtok and whoever
thinks that POSIX compliance was a good idea could use that and it would
not require breaking the existing strtok function. The same goes for
dirname function that was broken before PHP 4.0.3pl1 .

Anyway, do not count on PHP developers to ever reconsider and provide
any means to restore the original. Despite the change was only made 2
months ago, they are too proud and already state that they will not
admit it was a mistake. Usually they don't like somebody from outside to
tell them that there are better solutions, especially after the mistake
is already made.

So, I advise you to not expect anything from the PHP developers
regarding fixing the mistakes. To solve your problem it is either more
realistic to not upgrade to PHP 4.1 now (if ever) unless you have the
time to replace the calls to strtok and dirname with something else that
provides the original behaviour like those replacement functions that I
wrote and made available here:


Manuel Lemos

> --- Manuel Lemos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Robert Mena wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi, does anybody know when the strtok bug
> > introduced
> >
> > After 4.0.6 .
> >
> > > in 4.1.1 will be fixed ?
> > > Will we have a 4.1.2 or should I try to grab a cvs
> > > tree (assuming that it is already solved) ?
> >
> > You may want to ask that in php-dev mailing list
> > because last time that
> > I reported it I was told that it would not be fixed
> > because it was just
> > me complaining.
> >
> >
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