Geoff Caplan wrote:

> Henning
>>I did not work a lot with applications in PHP-GTK until now to say
>>something about speed and reliability ( the list may answer those
>>questions, i am only working on the translation of the manual for now),
>>but I think it's worth a look at, and i know there are already some
>>people out there who use it in a commercial environment.
> I think PHP-GTK is a great project, but I really do need to create the
> interface on the server and send it to some kind of thin client.

It might seem that I am advocating PHP-GTK too much, but even this is 
possible. PHP-GTK Apps would run on any X or Windows System where you 
have the GTK Libs and PHP compiled - nothing more needed. I am not shure 
but it might even be very well that these both together still use less 
memory than a webbrowser - in RAM and on HD or when beeing fetched over 
the network at boot time.

When really want to write your application in PHP instead of C/C++ or 
maybe Java I would still consider it better than DHTML.

> I don't know if there is some kind of commercial plugin that does this and
> will work with PHP. You can do forms in Flash, and they seem to be stable,
> but they are much too slow.

What exactly is too slow with flash? dynamical genberation with action 
You could generate your content and data with PHP and display  it with 


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