> What exactly is too slow with flash? dynamical genberation with action
> script?
> You could generate your content and data with PHP and display  it with
> flash.

I have just been talking to the engineers at Carrels, who have produced a
Flash based system for rich forms, but I said I found it too slow and they
agreed. Downloading and rendering the movies is just too slow, even if they
are cached on the server, so Carrels are creating their own specialised
plugin for forms, and also talking with Macromedia about how this aspect of
Flash can be speeded up. The Carrels solution may be a solution once it is
out of beta, but for now, Flash doesn't seem to be the way to go.

I am thinking of using Flash to produce printable documents, though, such as
letters, labels and invoices. I think the Flash format is easier to handle
than PDF, and is generally faster all round. There is an interesting looking
commercial product which looks a bit like Macromedia Generator, but which
has an PHP api. Have you ever heard of this?



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