Apparently i have been unclear, allow me to rephrase:

I want to send user:pass to an apache authentication header for a apache
protected user directory.  Unfortunately, I have php installed as CGI so
native php authentication will not function.  I would like 
to either send the user:pass via GET in a url encoded sting (if possible
as CGI) OR send user:pass
directly to the header using a different method. Due to restrictions
imposed on me, i am not able
to make use of a single unified logon using LDAP or NTLM. In my case,
since there are several user
directories spanning severl realms, I must first authenticate users
against a mysql auth db and fetch
the the realm user:pass based on that users permissions.

Is it possible to send the user:pass in any of the methods described
above? If so, how can i implement

Aaron Lake
Kvaerner Chemetics
A Division of Kvaerner Canada Inc
(604) 730 4206

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