Sounds to me like your problem is that only the checkboxes that are checked
are passed back.
for ($I = 1; $I <= 10; $I++)
{       echo("<tr>");
        echo("<td><input type='text' name='textfield[]' value=''></td>");
        echo("<td><input type='checkbox' name='cbox[]' value='$i'></td>");

when the form is submitted 2 arrays are posted, textfield and cbox.
Textfield has 10 elements but cbox has only as many elements as are ticked.
As you haven't defined keys both arrays are started at 0 in the processing

My preferred solution is to define keys in the html
for ($I = 1; $I <= 10; $I++)
{       echo("<tr>");
        echo("<td><input type='text' name='textfield[$i]' value=''></td>");
        echo("<td><input type='checkbox' name='cbox[$i]' value='1'></td>");

that way in the processing script you can do
foreach (cbox as $key=>$checked) echo($textfield[$key]);

I hope I've interpreted your problem correctly.

Tim <> 

        From:  m. ali [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
        Sent:  13 January 2002 22:04
        To:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
        Subject:  checkboxes vs text filed array and hidden variables


        my problem :
        i have to pass the price, and part number which i get from the
database to
        the shopping cart so when i select some
        of the items by checking the checkboxes and submit the form i get
only the
        last item in the list

        i use hidden variables to pass these values to shopping cart.

        my code look like this:

        echo "<TD><input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"product[]\"
        echo "<TD><input type=\"text\" size=\"2\"
        value=\"1\"  >";
        echo "<input type=\"hidden\" value=\"$part_number\"
        echo "<input type=\"hidden\" value=\"$discount_price\"


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