An option is to create a sortfield in your query, something like "SELECT *,
CONCAT(nickname, fname) AS sortfield FROM ORDER BY sortfield". I'm assuming
MySQL and haven't actually tested this. You may need to check the sql
documentation for some of the details.

Tim <> 

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        Subject:  PHP array or SQL problem

        I've got a database with lname (lastname), fname (firstname), and

        What I want to do is search by either first name or last name.
Either way, I display the nickname instead of the firstname if it exists.  I
have no problems on the last name, but when I sort by firstname, the people
with nicknames that are very different come up at the place where their
first name (not the displayed name) is.

        For example:

        Adam Smith
        Joe Schmoe
        Bill Somebody

        When Bill Somebody is really William Somebody in the database, his
nickname is bill and that's what's displayed but he 'bill' shows up in
'williams' spot.  Here is my SQL query:

        select * from employees order by fname;

        Should I create an array and sort it there or can I somehow query
MySQL to sort by nickname only if it exists and then by fname?


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