This may be more of an Apache question, but I was hoping that someone here 
would have an idea about this.

I tracked down a bug in one of my scripts that was caused by environment 
variable that was being registered as global without my knowledge (due to 
the register_globals setting).  My script was depending on this variable 
not being set in certain conditions but I didn't take into account the fact 
that it could be set via an environment variable.

While troubleshooting this I was looking through the output of phpinfo() 
and I found something curious in the environment variables across the three 
different servers that I administer.  All three are running Redhat, Apache 
1.3.19, and PHP 4.0.4.pl1, with PHP compiled as an Apache module 
(--with-apxs).  One of the servers is Redhat 7.0, the other two are Redhat 
7.1.  On both the Redhat 7.1 servers, phpinfo() reports the following 
environment variables:

user: michaels
logname: michaels
bash_env: /home/michaels/.bashrc
mail: /var/spool/mail/michaels

"michaels" is the user account that I use on these servers to do a majority 
of my work, only su'ing to root when absolutely necessary.

I'm confused as to why these variables exist.  I know for a fact that 
Apache is running as "nobody".  That's what the httpd.conf file is 
configured for and I can verify that by viewing the output of "ps aux"  I 
did build apache and php as this user, but I su'ed to root for the "make 
install" portion.  I launched apache with "apachectl" as root.

On the Redhat 7.0 machine these env vars don't exist.

Can anyone enlighten me or perhaps point me to a source of more info?  Any 
help would be appreciated...

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