At 09:32 PM 1/15/2002 -0600, Michael Sims wrote:
>On both the Redhat 7.1 servers, phpinfo() reports the following 
>environment variables:
>user: michaels
>logname: michaels
>I'm confused as to why these variables exist.  I know for a fact that 
>Apache is running as "nobody".  That's what the httpd.conf file is 
>configured for and I can verify that by viewing the output of "ps aux"  I 
>did build apache and php as this user, but I su'ed to root for the "make 
>install" portion.  I launched apache with "apachectl" as root.

Following up to my own post:

Apparently these variables are set whenever Apache is started (via 
"apachectl start").  Whatever environment variables exists in the context 
that apachectl is called in will apparently be put in HTTP_ENV_VARS (and 
subsequently be made global if register_globals is on).

On the servers that have my username as "LOGNAME" I apparently started 
Apache by first logging in as "michaels", then using "su" to get to root, 
then starting Apache.  Since I didn't log in as root or su using the "-" or 
"-l" options, whatever environment variables were set as my normal user 
stayed in effect, and thus Apache picked them up when the httpd daemon was 

What had confused me before was that these vars didn't change after an 
"apachectl restart" but I've since found out that this only causes Apache 
to re-read it's configuration (SIGHUP) doesn't actually kill the 
process and restart it.

Sorry for the semi-off-topic info, but I'm posting this just in case 
someone read my original message and was similarly confused.

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