> hi again!
> I tried it but it desn't give me any result back.
> It dosn't print any error message but it desn't print my result either.
> this is how I place the code:
> echo "...some html code...";
> $row["somename_$var"];
> echo "...the continuation of the html code";
> thanks!

I think this indice in $row is empty then...
echo (isset($row["somename_$var"] && $row["somename_$var"] !== "") ?
$row["somename_$var"] : "Sorry, but \$row[\"somename_$var\"] is not set.");

I'll explain, what this code does:
it first checks isset($var) - if this variable (or in this case the indice
of the array) exists, this is true. so if $row["somename_$var"] exists and
is not empty, it does 'echo' the stuff behind the ?, else it does 'echo' the
stuff behind the :

and please don't set your priority to important on the list - thank you.

best regars
Stefan Rusterholz

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