>> For "or" statements it does, but not && or xor.

Are you sure only "or" which do lazy evaluation?
as far as i remember, the last time I use "&&" operator it do
lazy evaluation.
And if you look at the online manual, some users also confirmed
that PHP implement lazy evaluation for logical operator.

>> I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want lazy evaluation on
>> a conditional statement involving "and".

Would you share the reason with us why you dont want lazy
evaluation in "AND"?

> if i have a statement like
>  if (($a == 'a') && ($b == 'b')) blahblahblah();
> and, $a != 'a'.
> why should php even look at the value for $b while evaluating this line?

i believe PHP implement lazy evaluation, so it won't evaluate $b=='b'

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