A few comments:
1. (and the most important) I was trying to be helpful, rather than arrogant as you
most probably perceived me.
2. My answer was directed to the original poster, not to you. However, it is true
that I was mistaken in posting the message as a reply to your message.

mike cullerton wrote:

> on 1/16/02 8:32 AM, Bogdan Stancescu at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > Dude, why don't you just check it out yourself? You'll never be 100%
> > certain by asking people around anyway, because most people have
> > distinct opinions on most issues. So then:
> dude, i'm not sure what distinct opinions have to do with whether or not php
> evaluates the second half of my example. and, believe it or not, i already
> had done the test. (and i use this feature all the time in my code)

Me too (both). What distinct opinions?! Well, check this out:
"For "or" statements it does, but not && or xor." (Miles Thompson, same thread).
I was trying to break the circle of opinions by showing the original poster a way
to have hard evidence instead of relying on stupid messages, such as Miles'. For
what the poster knows, you or me are just as informed as Miles, so why believe
either of us? Please note I didn't even post my "opinion" on what my code would

> i was trying to be cool and let folks know in a polite way that there may be
> a problem with the statement mr thompson made.

Me too.

> however, in the spirit of debate, i'll respond to your question.
> one of the reasons i ask (simple) questions like this on the list is because
> i may not understand the whole picture, and therefore, i may not be able to
> construct a valid test for my concern.
> one of the things i've noticed about the blow-hards on this list (and pretty
> much any other list) is that they all assume you already know the answer to
> your question when they answer you. and then, they ridicule you when you
> don't understand some obscure reference they've made. folks forget what it's
> like to start out.

If you're trying to suggest that's what I did, please re-read my e-mail. I've sent
a very simple, clear and relevant piece of code. What's wrong with that?!

> sometimes, what folks need is the hello world example.

Your example didn't prove anything. You just SAY it won't evaluate $b=='b', but you
don't prove it. My example proves it. IOW, I completely agree. That's why I posted
that piece of code - it's exactly Hello world for the poster's question.

Don't start a flame over a little familiarity ("Dude, why don't you..."). Start it
if I say "you stupid fuck, haven't you read the latest PHP newsletter?". And that
will never happen.


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