hmmm... not sure about the cgi part. you'll probably need to start the file
with something like

 #!/usr/loca/bin/php -q

either way, within the file, you also need to tell the php parser what is
php and what is html. surround the php code with <?php ?> tags like

$var = 'Hello World';
<table><tr><td><?php print($var); ?></td></tr></table>

on 1/16/02 2:25 PM, Richard at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Hi there
> I just signed up for an account at Spaceports so I can play with PHP ­ I
> placed some PHP code in an HTML page and uploaded it to the server.
> But when I checked it in my browser I got the error message: canšt parse
> line 1
> Line 1 is simply the <HTML> tag!!
> On one of their user forums someone suggested getting rid of the HTML tags
> so I did and just left the PHP code on its own and this works fine ­ so how
> can I use PHP with HTML?
> I think it has something to do with the fact that  have to use their CGI
> server to run PHP???
> Cheers
> Richard S

 -- mike cullerton   michaelc at cullerton dot com

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