Just out of curiosity, what is the name of your page?  It might be as 
simple as making sure it has a .php extension on your page.  If it has 
an .html extension it won't work properly.  Just a thought; I could be 
wrong about this.

Nick Wilson wrote:

> * On 16-01-02 at 22:29 
> * Richard said....
>>Hi there
>>I just signed up for an account at Spaceports so I can play with PHP ­ I
>>placed some PHP code in an HTML page and uploaded it to the server.
>>But when I checked it in my browser I got the error message: canšt parse
>>line 1
>>Line 1 is simply the <HTML> tag!!
>>On one of their user forums someone suggested getting rid of the HTML tags
>>so I did and just left the PHP code on its own and this works fine ­ so how
>>can I use PHP with HTML?
> <html>
> <head>
> <title>RTFM</title>
> <body>
> <?
> print("<h1>The Manual is your friend</h1>");
> ?>
> </hody>
> </html>

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