Well that works. But its a little bizzare. I have to do that to get the 
content of a node even when that node has no children...

        <morestuff>SOME TEXT GOES HERE</morestuff>

So even if the current node is "morestuff" I still have to do the 
currentnode->children etc. blah.

which is a bit dodgey

Peter Clarke wrote:

>function getNodeContent ($node) {
>    $content = '';
>    $nodechild = $node->children();
>    if ( is_array( $nodechild ) ) {
>        reset ($nodechild);
>        while (list (, $val) = each ($nodechild)) {
>            if ( $val->type == XML_TEXT_NODE ) {
>             $content .= $val->content;
>            }
>        }
>        return $content;
>    }
>"Aaron" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>>How the hell do I get the content of a node....
>>before all I had to do was go $node->content
>>now it doesnt seem to work.
>>I know they changed $node->name to $node->tagname.
>>I tried, content, tagcontent, value, mmm some other things. I give up,
>>couldnt find any info anywhere either...
>>theres a set_content() method but doenst seem to be a get_content()
>>method :(.

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