Hi all

I got a RaQ4 in front of me which I should get running.
Now my script (running fine on a IIS with PHP 4.06) outputs a quite strange error (it 
uses my error-handler that's why it's formatted like this):

Time: Thu 17.01.02 - 15:26:15
Level: Warning (2)
File: /home/sites/site1/includes/class.myClass.inc.php
Line: 103
fopen("","r";) - Success

Why does it trigger an error when it was a success? Are there any known bugs with php 
4.03pl1 and fopen?
Furthermore: does anyone know how I can upgrade the RaQ to PHP 4.06 or even 4.1.1 in a 
usable time (I don't want to try to compile PHP myself)?

Stefan Rusterholz

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