I was fiddling around with the Nokia WAP toolkit the other day and I've
created a pretty little WAP site - just listing dates and it has a WBMP
image as a welcome screen.

Whilst looking for someone to host the site, I noticed a review for  f2s
which said "allows PHP to be combined with WML" That would be a pretty neat
thing to do - I could have a PHP script automatically port every page to WML
and WBMP images.

The problem is, how do you include PHP in a WML file?  Do you have to use
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="php"></SCRIPT> in a .wml file or can you use .php files?
(I can't just fidddle about because I don't have a WAP phone yet!)

Also, and I know this isn't really anything to do with PHP, what are the
dimensions in pixels of a typical WAP phone screen?
I checked my site using the emulator in the Nokia Toolkit and the one at
TagTag.com and my WBMP image fitted nicely in the middle of the screen. But
when my girlfriend showed it me on her phone, only about a third of the
image fitted on!!   Making the image smaller wouldn't be a problem but I
dont really know what size to make it.
Any directions to some useful info would be greatly appreciated.


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