On Thursday, January 17, 2002, at 03:33  AM, Nick Wilson wrote:
>> Hello...
>> I am wondering: Would it be possible to:
>> 1) Select an option in a selectbox
>> 2) Have a list of checkboxes pop up underneath the selectbox, based on 
>> what
>> you selected
>> 3) Without reloading the page...
>> Show/hide layers I can figure out myself... I dont want to have X 
>> hidden
>> layers with X times 10 checkboxes within each of them.
> Well, you won't do that with PHP

But you could do something like that with JavaScript, possibly.  Look 
into a JavaScript tutorial somewhere or pick up a JavaScript book.

I don't know JavaScript but it would be something along the lines of 
"onClick... do this", that's one of the commonly used JavaScript 


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