I'm attempting to make a function to which I can pass
my form variables, to wit:


which will run through the array and clean up the
variables. However, the passing by reference is giving
me the screaming fits. No matter what I do, I can't
seem to get the function to alter the actual array,
and not a copy of it. I tried it with arraywalk(), but
that produces a copy of the array, so I'm trying
each() and list() like this:

function clean_input(&$form_vars)
   while ($element = each($form_vars))

but this just makes another copy. HTTP_POST_VARS still
contains the ugly, raw input. Putting an "&" in front
of $element in the while loop caused the script to
crash. I know there should probably be another "&"
somewhere, but I can't figure out where. Any help
would be appreciated!


Schrodinger may have slept here.

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