> I'm no guru on the topic, but I found that when configuring the DSO with
> MySQL (--with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql), it would always garble the PHP
> module.  Eventually I got it all set up by not specifying a directory
> (in other words, just using "--with-mysql") in that configure argument.
> But this meant using PHP's internal MySQL abilities, which work fine but
> apparently aren't compatible with mod_perl.  So I re-did everything, and
> it seems that the smoothest way to do it is to install PHP as a static
> module and use the original --with-mysql=/path/to/mysql (YMMV), but when
> compiling Apache be sure to --enable-so so that you still can load DSOs
> if you want.

THANK YOU! It finaly worked! Compiling as a static was the way to go.
I'll admit that I forgot to shut down httpd prior to copying over the new
binary, but once I got that cleaned up, it worked.  Many thanks, Erik,
and everyone else who gave their input.

BTW, Erik, have you gotten mod_perl working yet?  I'd be intrested in
knowing how that turns out.

Kindest regards,
Cary Mathews

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