Geoff Caplan wrote:
> Hi folks
> A bit OT - more a general programming issue than PHP - but here goes:
> I am trying to design a state controller to manage multi-page logical
> transactions, such as, say, a three page checkout process, or a database
> entry system.
> The idea is that I store all the states, transitions and actions in some
> kind of table, and then run this data through a generic state rule
> interpreter to determine the next page to generate. It will also handle
> back-buttons, page-refreshes and out-of-sequence requests.
> But I'm finding it hard to find material on this on the web. The best source
> I have identified is http://www.uidesign.net/1999/papers/webmvc_part1.html .
> This is a great resource, but it is based on a very abstract OOP approach,
> while I am using procedural/relational.
> My main problem is working out how to encapsulate all the rules in a
> persistent table. After that, designing the rule processor should be fairly
> straightforward.
> Can anyone point me at any sources about this, or perhaps share their own
> approaches?

You may want to try this multi-page forms class that can be used as a
Windows like wizard for sequencial access or like a tabbed notebook for
random access to pages:


Manuel Lemos

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