On 20 Jan 2002, at 20:15, Andrew V. Romero wrote:

> I was wondering if there are any tools to convert PHP to another
> scripting language?  

> scripting langauge?  I designed this 2000 script and then learned that
> our information systems people would feel a lot more comfortable using
> a language that they are already familier with.  I originally designed

Have they looked at what your wrote? Have they given PHP ANY 
thought and a little attention to PHP??

I've been a Perl programmer for the last 6 years. Just about a 
month ago someone asked me to do something for him in PHP. I 
gave it a shot. A couple of weeks after I took a test at a consulting 
company and I scored higher on PHP than Perl :( 

But beyond the above, I would never use Perl for cgi. I still prefer 
mod_perl for large applications but I'd certainly argue to use PHP 
for anything involving a few screen shots. 

If your technical people are worth anything they ought to look at 
PHP. Even though I did not program in PHP for those 6 years I did 
encourage a talented html guy to learn PHP and he did a site for us 
using PHP (he and the designer worked on it without my 
intervention). I guess because he never knew about cgi 
programming in Perl he did not argue for all of us to do more in 

BTW, if anyone has used the Perl HTML::Template module and 
knows a PHP templating module that is as good or better, please 
let me know. I might have missed it but I shudder at most of the PHP 
template systems I see in comparison.



"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go
                -- Philip K. Dick

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