*light hearted reply* blasphemy! sacrilege!! how can you ask a php mail list
about converting code to another language?? (paraphase coming...) "php is
the one true language and you shall not code any other language before it"


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Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 2:16 PM
Subject: [PHP] PHP to another language

I was wondering if there are any tools to convert PHP to another
scripting language?  I have a script that only uses pretty basic
functions in PHP (arrays, plain variables, nothing exciting- no dB
things or anything like that) and am hoping there are some tools where
you can get the majority of the code switched over to a more universal
scripting langauge?  I designed this 2000 script and then learned that
our information systems people would feel a lot more comfortable using a
language that they are already familier with.  I originally designed it
in PHP because for one it is the only scripting language that my
university will allow your typical student to write in, and two because
I wanted to learn PHP.  So in order for my place of employment to
actually use this script I made while learning PHP, they would like it
if it could be converted to another language.  I am still waiting on
what languages they would be okay with, but thought I would start to
check into the problem here first.

Thanks for any information,
    Andrew V. Romero

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