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* On 21-01-02 at 14:32 
* Will Hives said....

> I guess you must all be getting very bored with this type of question..but
> away.. I have recently put together a simple news section which allows admin
> people to add, edit and delete stories from the site...I would like to add
> the function of adding an image to a story...I have managed to use the
> upload image script ok but can't work out how to link the image to the story
> ID.

When you say link it, what would be the purpose? If you have many
stories and many pictures that's one thing but if it's not so many then
that is another.
Presuming your id's are the keys to the database then perhaps you could
re-name the image to include that key? (I have no idea off hand how to
do this but I'm sure it's relatively simple)

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